Soda city furcon

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About Us

Our Mission Statement and a few words about S.C.R.U.F.F.

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Introducing a fresh convention experience, the South Carolina Region United Furry Foundation (S.C.R.U.F.F) is thrilled to announce its upcoming launch.

Our mission is to establish inclusive events and communities where people can freely express themselves in a supportive atmosphere. We aim to create memorable moments and foster a lively environment that brings together individuals from around the world who share similar beliefs and interests. This not only benefits our participants but also sends a powerful message to the modern era.

Volunteer Staff Positions Available

Looking to contribute or score awesome merchandise? We are currently seeking applications for staff and volunteer roles. Simply click the button on the right to access our application page and submit your details for consideration.

Kindly note that these positions are unpaid and require voluntary commitment.


Every registration level includes a convention badge for the entire year.

Founders Standard Sponsor Super Sponsor WTF Is Wrong With You
Convention Badge
Early Access
Exclusive Poster
10% OFF on next registration
FREE Hotel Room for con
Name on the Wall of Founders


Still have questions?

If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us through our social media channels for prompt assistance. Alternatively, you can use the form on the left or email us at [email protected] if you prefer.


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